MTP instability

Last evidence check March 2010

taping toe1
taping toe2

Functional toe taping

If joint pain is the main problem

If pain under the joint is a significant problem

mt dome insole

Metatarsal dome insole

If pressure from a stiff hammertoe or dislocated MTP joint is the main problem

How successful is non-surgical management?

Mann's original paper recorded successful non-surgical treatment in only 1/7 patients, and Coughlin (1993) succeeded with taping in only 2/9 athletes. However, Trepman and Yeo (1995) managed 13 patients with a steroid injection, rigid insole and rocker, with only one failure; Mizel and Michelson (1997) treated 13 patients with the same regime and two failures; and Peck et al (2006) used a variety of non-surgical methods in 164 patients, of whom 55 (33%) required surgery.