Peroneal tendon problems

Last evidence check and revision April 2010

Peroneal tendon injuries and instability are a relatively uncommon cause of lateral hindfoot pain.

There are two main types of problems, which are related:

There is also a strong association with lateral ankle ligament injuries and instability. Confusingly, peroneal tendon instability may be described by the patient as "my ankle gives way".

The incidence and prevalence of peroneal tendon problems has not been determined. In Blackburn we see 5-10 new patients a year in a population of 260,000 and 1300 new referrals, implying an incidence of the order of 30/million/year. However, this is a general foot and ankle practice without a large sports medicine component and some sporting injuries may be seen by club physiotherapists or surgeons elsewhere. The sex incidence is approximately equal.