Fifth metatarsal fractures

Last evidence check May 2011

tuberosity fracture

Fractures of the proximal part of the fifth metatarsal are common. Most require only symptomatic treatment. They are often grouped together as "Jones" fractures, after Sir Robert Jones, who sustained such a fracture while dancing. However, the classification of these fractures is controversial and confusing, and "Jones fracture" should probably be applied, if at all, to one of the less common types.

Most fractures of the fifth metatarsal occur in the tuberosity, and require only symptomatic managment.

Stress fractures of the proximal diaphysis occur mainly in athletes and are uncommon. Recent evidence supports early surgery for these injuries.

The anatomy and biomechanics behind the patterns and behaviour of fractures has been the subject of several studies, and seems to be a popular topic in exams.